Why CORESafety It’s Good Business


When your mine is safer it is also more productive.

Data indicate that safer mines are generally more productive. Focusing on safety is the right thing to do, but it is also good for your business.

Safety is our first responsibility and also avoids costs…

Employee Costs

  • Worker's compensation
  • Replacement worker costs
  • Reduced employee productivity
  • Premium wages

Fines & Accident Response

  • MSHA/OSHA penalties
  • Emergency response operations
  • Incident investigation costs
  • Incident meetings and interviews
  • Incident reports and paperwork
  • Corrective actions

Delays and Repairs

  • Repair/replace damaged property
  • Schedule delays
  • Mandatory mine shut downs
  • Workdays lost
  • Demurrage
  • Recovery of work site

Insurance & Legal

  • Medical expenses
  • Insurance deductible
  • Excess claim payment
  • Liability paid
  • Legal feees
  • Claims and legal paperwork

Losses & Shareholders

  • Lost product
  • Lost sales
  • Loss of shareholder value
  • Market distrust
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  • How does safety affect production?

    Effective health and safety systems can improve production because work procedures are improved throughout the organization. Fewer accidents means fewer down-times and other interruptions.

  • How does safety affect costs?

    Effective health and safety systems can help avoid costly shutdowns; reduce insurance, worker’s compensation and emergency response costs; and limit loss of sales and shareholder value, among other costs.

  • How does safety influence our reputation?

    The general public, investors, potential employees and members of the community look to an organization’s safety record as an indicator of a company that not only cares about its employees, but also cares about its performance in other areas of responsibility, including the environment and its relationships with the community. Mining is in competition for good employees, and excellence in mining safety and health is a strong recruiting tool.