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Staying in Compliance with Legal Mining Requirements: Module #16

Sending miners home safely at the end of every day is what mining operations should constantly be striving to achieve. That’s the whole point of CORESafety’s 0-50-5 objective.

Operations should always be in full compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements to ensure value-added regulations are leveraged.

The 1977 Mine Act, as amended by the 2006 MINER Act, gives many rights to miners, representatives of miners, and employment applicants. A good safety and health management system (SHMS) like CORESafety depends on the active participation and interest of everyone at the worksite.

CORESafety’s Module #16 explains how to stay in compliance by integrating improvement cycles with your company’s SHMS and applying the Plan-Do-Check-Act process to each regulation.

Here’s what CORESafety’s Module #16 includes:

  • How to establish a procedure to assess compliance with applicable legal requirements
  • Why it’s important to maintain current information
  • How to develop an improvement cycle that is integrated with your company’s SHMS

To learn more, go here for an overview of CORESafety’s Module #16.

To see examples of procedures and permits, click here.

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