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“SAFETY: Take It Home” – Hecla Mining Company Launches New Campaign and Contest

Hecla Mining Company has launched a new campaign and contest called “SAFETY: Take It Home” as a way of encouraging workers and their families to spread the word about the importance of staying safe everywhere.

The campaign was developed in an organic way this spring when Hecla geologist Jonathan Moore and his two young children were working in the family’s yard.

Moore often tells the youngsters how Hecla teaches him to stay safe on the job. 

Remembering this, his son thought to ask Moore if he could wear some safety glasses while working to protect his eyes. The boy ran to get the glasses for himself and for his sister.

Later, the young man asked his father if he could mow the lawn, and requested some hearing protection for his ears as well.

When Jonathan Moore told this story shortly afterwards at a Hecla Safety Share, it occurred to everyone that this would make for an outstanding campaign to encourage workers and families to always be safe and alert wherever they may be.

“SAFETY: Take It Home” Contest: How To Share YOUR Story and Possibly Win a Hecla Silver Round 

In May 2020, Hecla launched a contest called “SAFETY: Take It Home” which is open to all employees at any mining company, including those at Hecla.

Entrants are asked to write a short specific story or example of how they, their families and/or friends have made a point of practicing safety at home.

The deadline to enter is Thursday, July 16, 2020. Entries should be emailed to Luke Russell at Hecla Mining Company at this address – 

If you’re one of the first ten (10) people to submit an entry and tell your safety story, you may receive a Hecla silver round, worth more than its weight in silver.

Be sure to watch the June episode of CORESafety TV later this month where we’ll interview Hecla’s Phil Baker and Michael Wegleitner about the “SAFETY: Take It Home” campaign and contest. 

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