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How to Reinforce and Recognize Positive Employee Behavior

People are more effectively motivated by positive reinforcement than they are with negative consequences. If you’re a leader who uses positive feedback and rewards when it comes to the safety and health performances of your employees, you’ll be more likely to see better results going forward. CORESafety’s Module 9 explains how to best reinforce and recognize employees when they’re doing things right. Sometimes all it takes is a simple positive comment or a “thank you” that’s given immediately on the spot or soon afterwards.

This new CORESafety infographic will help you understand:

  • How to Reinforce and Recognize Positive Behavior
  • How to establish a Management / Leader Coaching Process
  • How to set up an Auditing Process

You can learn more about this in CORESafety’s Module 9 – Reinforcement and Recognition.



Want to know more about Reinforcement and Recognition? Watch our October 2018 episode of CORESafety TV. 

To dig a little deeper into CORESafety’s Module 9, click here.

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