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How To Be Safe on Ladders and Reduce the Risk of Injuries from Falls

Providing proper training and then observing miners at work are keys to the success of reaching the CORESafety goal of 0:50:5.

It’s also important to meet with the workers afterwards to identify any issues that might ultimately result in a safety hazard.

Mining companies should always:

  • Assess the training needs of their workers based on level, knowledge and skills required for each task.
  • Make sure that workers know how to do their jobs.
  • Make sure they know the hazards and risks they may face in assigned tasks.
  • Verify their competency through demonstrations.

Significant training and competency is especially needed when miners have to work in situations where height is a factor.

In these cases, employees must always follow company procedures and utilize fall protection equipment to prevent or minimize accidents due to falls.

Here’s a CORESafety infographic called “How To Be Safe On Ladders”.


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  • To learn more about ladder safety, click here to watch the March 2020 episode of CORESafety TV.
  • To better understand the responsibilities, procedures, inspections and training requirements for working at heights, read these “Fall Protection Guidelines.”
  • Go here for more information on “Ladders and Stairways” in CORESafety’s Module 5.

To visit the CORESafety website, go here.

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