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Dig a Little Deeper: The CORESafety Interview with Don Gaston

How to Get Serious About Implementing CORESafety and Significantly Improve Your Safety Statistics

An Interview with Prairie State Generating Company’s President & CEO Don Gaston

Taking the first step is often the toughest decision for any company to make. Back in 2016, Don Gaston recognized his mining operation needed to do something different with regard to safety. Simply put, he wasn’t satisfied with being in the bottom half nationally with respect to injuries and accidents.

As president and CEO at Prairie State Generating Company, it was his responsibility to make the changes necessary to improve their safety statistics. He and his leadership team decided that CORESafety was the first step in the right direction. Here’s a new Dig a Little Deeper” interview with Mr. Gaston that explains how PSGC got serious about implementing CORESafety and became the latest operation to receive independent certification for completing all 20 modules.

  • For more information about the role of leadership when it comes to safety, refer to Module #1 in the CORESafety Handbook.
  • To watch the video interview with Don Gaston, click here to see CORESafety TV.
  • To see why CORESafety may be right for your mining operation, visit our website at


Photo courtesy of Prairie State Generating Company 

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