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CORESafety TV (July 2021): New ErgoMine 2.0 App Helps Miners Conduct Ergonomics and Safety Audits

Welcome to the July edition of CORESafety TV — the online video program from the National Mining Association.

There’s a new app for mining professionals that’s designed to help identify, record and track ergonomics and safety hazards that can lead to injuries, illnesses and fatalities at worksites.

This is ErgoMine 2.0, a powerful on-the-ground auditing tool for iOS and Android devices, created by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

The app includes new audits, forms, checklists and even “fix lists” that allow miners to easily access the app on their mobile devices or print PDFs to use the same functionality in hard copy.

In this episode, we interview Mahiyar Nasarwanji at NIOSH. He’s a Senior Service Fellow and is one of the primary contributors on this latest version of ErgoMine.

In this July episode, we also take a look at CORESafety’s Module #15 – Behavior Optimization. Find out how to minimize unsafe behavior at your mining operation through education, observation and feedback.


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