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CORESafety TV (July 2020): Safety Around Powered Haulage

CORESafety TV (July 2020):
Best Practices to Avoid Powered Haulage Accidents

Welcome to the July edition of CORESafety TV — the online video program from the National Mining Association.

Powered haulage accidents are among the most common and the most deadly in the mining industry.

These can include incidents involving haul trucks, front-end loaders, belt conveyors, forklifts and many other types of machinery in which mining materials and personnel are transported. 

In this episode of CORESafety TV, we look at some best practices that will help you avoid powered haulage accidents. We also hear from an instructor at the National Mine Health and Safety Academy.

Also in this episode, we review CORESafety’s Module #3 – Management System Coordination.


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