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CORESafety Tips to Avoid Falls and Injuries from Ladders

Falls from ladders occur much more frequently than you might imagine, resulting in more than 120 miners being injured each year.

This month – March 2019 – is National Ladder Safety Month. CORESafety is offering our downloadable infographic called “How to be Safe on Ladders” which includes some of the safety tips from Module #5 (Training and Competence) and Module #12 (Work Procedures and Permits).

In addition, you can go here to obtain the NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) Ladder Safety App.


Check out these links for more information on ladder safety:

CORESafety Module #5 – Training and Competence

CORESafety: Standard Operating Procedures (Ladders & Stairways)

CORESafety Module #12 – Work Procedures and Permits

CORESafety: Standard Operating Procedures (Work Procedures & Permits)

National Ladder Safety Month

NIOSH Ladder Safety App

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