CORESafety Framework Resources

Module 8: Collaboration & Communication

  • Worksite Handbook

    Worksite Handbook for module 8 - forms, check-lists and documentation for use on the job site.

  • Examples of participating company procedures and permits

  • Communication, Consultation and Participation

    This document outlines steps to ensure that effective, transparent and open communication and consultation is maintained with stakeholders associated with all facilities and their activities, and that stakeholders are encouraged to participate and contribute to Health, Safety and Loss Prevention (HSLP) performance improvement initiatives.

  • Safety Team, Representatives and Employee Involvement

    This document outlines procedures that define different optional systems available to allow communications to take place between employees and management. The document shows ways to aid collaboration that will prevent accidents by addressing employees’ concerns about health and safety, carrying out inspections and solving safety and health problems which occur in the field.

  • Site Communication SOP: Accident and Incident Investigation

    This document outlines the responsibilities for ensuring all individuals working or travelling on mining properties have an effective means of communication with their appropriate point of contact or with other parties or equipment.

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