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CORESafety and NIOSH Infographics: New Safety Visuals to Share at Your Mining Operation

In the November 2020 episode of CORESafety TV, we showed an infographic that NIOSH has created on how to inspect work boots for signs of wear. 

Here’s a downloadable PDF of that infographic for you to share at your mining operation –

Download, Print and Share

CORESafety has also created two more infographics that pertain to work boots and to the importance of avoiding slips, trips and falls.

We encourage you to download and share these PDFs with your miners as well –


 Download, Print and Share


Download, Print and Share

Also, if you haven’t yet seen the November 2020 episode of CORESafety TV, be sure to go here to watch our interview with Ashley Whitson of NIOSH as she discusses their recent Longitudinal Work Boot Study.

Click to play CORESafety TV

For more information, click here to visit our CORESafety website.

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