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How to Get Serious About Implementing CORESafety and Significantly Improve Your Safety Statistics An Interview with Prairie State Generating Company’s President & CEO Don Gaston Taking the first step is often the toughest decision for any company to make. Back in 2016, Don Gaston recognized his mining operation needed to do something different with regard to safety. Simply put, […]

Usibelli Coal Mine Jan. 30 surpassed two years of operations without a single lost time accident, a job-related injury that results in time away from work. Usibelli’s safety program – Everyday Safety-At Work. At Home. At Play. – combined with the CORE Safety framework of the National Mining Association lays the foundation to make safety […]

In this new episode of CORESafety TV, we share a recent interview with Don Gaston, president and CEO of Prairie State Generating Company (PSGC). PSGC is the latest mining operation to receive independent certification for CORESafety, having recently completed all 20 modules. CORESafety TV anchor Nelson Duffle talks to Mr. Gaston about how PSGC decided to implement CORESafety and […]

Although safety is a major concern in many industries, mining presents a unique set of hazards that are completely different than most. Several of CORESafety’s modules are specifically focused on these hazards, including – Module #4 – Fatality Prevention and Risk Management Module #5 – Training and Competence Module #13 – Occupational Health CORESafety’s latest infographic identifies five mining […]

Start the New Year with CORESafety As we begin the New Year, this is the optimal time to commit to achieving CORESafety’s 0:50:5 objective in your mining operation. We’re referring to having zero fatalities and a 50% reduction in injuries over a five-year period. While some statistical improvements have been seen in recent years, the fact is that there were still 27 mining […]

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