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People are more effectively motivated by positive reinforcement than they are with negative consequences. If you’re a leader who uses positive feedback and rewards when it comes to the safety and health performances of your employees, you’ll be more likely to see better results going forward. CORESafety’s Module 9 explains how to best reinforce and recognize […]

Welcome to the October edition of CORESafety TV — the online video series from the National Mining Association (NMA). People are more effectively motivated by positive reinforcement than with negative consequences. Positive reinforcement works best when leaders respond right away after seeing someone who is doing things right. Informally, a simple word of encouragement such as “good job” or a quick written “thank […]


Five of the 20 American mining companies that received NMA’s Sentinels of Safety Awards last week are currently implementing CORESafety in their operations. The full roster of honorees was comprised of six coal mines and 14 mineral/metal mines. They were recognized in Washington, D.C. for their performances in 2017 by the National Mining Association (NMA), the U.S. National […]

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